Episode 5 | Our Journey Out of the Institutional Church

Welcome to Episode five of the Ekklesia Podcast! The is the first episode in our new home at The Ekklesia Podcast. My wife Susan joins me again for this episode as we talk about our journey out of the institutional church setting and into a more authentic and genuine experience of the ekklesia. We both hit a wall of performance Christianity in 2009 which started us on this journey we’re still on today. The notion of leaving the institutional church was foreign to us until we hit a wall of performance – and we hit it hard! After all, I was a pastor in institutional churches for 20+ years. Why would I leave when I was the one leading?

Join our conversation as we recount what that experience was like and what it continues to be like as we discover a fresh way to live apart from institutional obligations.



Episode 4 | Rethinking the Clergy/Laity Distinction

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Ekklesia Podcast. In this episode I crack open the lid on the clergy/laity distinction that exists within the institutional church. Like so many other topics we’re going to discuss as this podcast continues to grow and move along, this won’t be the only time we address this subject. It’s more of an introduction to the issue.

Do the words “clergy” and “laity” appear anywhere in the New Testament and if so, what do they refer to? Is there such a thing in Christ’s ekklesia as a professional clergy who have authority over a non-professional segment of his body, called the laity? What is the role of history and tradition in influencing our thinking of the clergy/laity separation? Has tradition trumped scripture in our understanding of top-down authority structures in the institutional church? Join me as I talk about these important questions and more. Welcome to The Ekklesia Podcast!

This episode is the 4th of 4 episodes that were originally on my old UnSunday Podcast. I’m shutting that podcast show down and have moved here instead. I think “Ekklesia” is a better reflection of the things I want to say than “UnSunday” was.